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Birthday Message For Mom

101 Birthday Message For Mom

Love Of Mom

Generally, the day of birth is special for all people. We celebrate the happiness given by God. If it’s your mom birthday then the happiness will be double. Because it is the happy birthday of a lady who loves you most. Who is made with pure love? An inspirational lady for you who always sacrifice for you. Who always pray for your success. On mom birthday the first thing you need to do is send a birthday message for mom on her mobile, or if he is in front of you then you can verbally sing a song for your mom which contain some birthday message for mom.

Before birthday start you need to arrange a surprise party for her, order a special cake, decorate her bedroom with balloons and other decorative stuff. Invite her friends, on her birthday to make the party and a day more beautiful and memorable.

How To Celebrate Mom Birthday?

On moms birthday if you don’t know what to say to your mom, then don’t worry. Nowadays social media website like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are full of birthday message for mom. You can find hundreds and thousands of birthday message for mom on one click.

By observing the difficulty of others I also decided to write some birthday message for mom, because I observed that whenever their mother’s birthday came to my friends and Cassin start searching special happy birthday quotes for mother on the internet and facing too much difficulty while searching the quotes. So by regularly observing this issue, I decided to write 101 birthday message for mom, which you can send to your mom on her birthday.

Funny birthday wishes for mom from daughter

Mom, I will never have enough time here on Earth to repay all the love you have poured into me. Happy birthday, mom!

When I become a mother someday, I want to strive and be like you. Mom, you are the strongest and most beautiful woman I know. Happy bday!

To the woman who sacrificed her life so I could have a good one, wonderful birthday! I could not imagine a life without you by my side. I love you until all the stars burn out in the sky!

To the most precious woman in my life, I wish you the warmest and the sweetest birthday year after year. Best birthday, mom!

Mom, no matter where I go, you will always be the home I will come back to. Thank you for nourishing and spoiling me with love and care. Wonderful bday!

Dear Mom, I am lucky to have such a great and amazing woman to look up to, to love and to guide me where I need to go. Best bday, mom. I love you to the moon and back.

If I can even come to close to how elegant you are as a woman, it will be a big achievement for me already. Stay awesome, mom. Best bday!

God has generously blessed my life by blessing me with you! I could not ask for anything else in the world! Happy birthday, mom.

Ours is a love and hate relationship. I understand now why you stop me from doing certain things, so you can keep me safe. Thank you, mom. Wonderful birthday.

Behind every great woman is a great mom to back her up! Happy bday, mom.

Dear mom, there is no other person in this world who can love me deeply than you. No one can understand me profoundly like you do. There is no other person in this world who can inspire me as much as you do. Happy birthday, mom.

The sweetest words, the most expensive jewels or the grandest of luxuries can ever compare to the gratitude brimming in my heart for you. Happy bday, mom.

May you have a birthday filled with happiness, warmth, love and fun that you sp greatly deserve. Wonderful birthday, mom.

Despite my overflowing imperfections and my countless mistakes, you always give me your love so open-heartedly and unmatched. My heart is brimming with gratitude for all the years of love you have showered me with. Happy birthday, mom.

Your birthday should be a national holiday. I’ll be the first to volunteer to take a day off work in your honor.

Stop having so many birthdays! Seriously, each year it gets more difficult to find you a gift.

When I think of the word youth, I think of you. That’s because the word “you” is contained in the word youth.” I hope you are feeling youthful on your birthday.

No one holds a candle to you on your birthday. That’s because you’re probably already hot from all the candles on your cake.

I’ve decided to switch my vote from the (Republican/Democratic) party to your birthday party.

Who ever decided to celebrate birthdays must have been young.

Old is in the eye of the beholder.” That’s why it’s getting difficult to read.

Shouldn’t you get your mom something on your birthday? It’s your birthday, but it’s her Mother’s day!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are old, especially if you can hear them say it without having to read lips.

Happy birthday mom letter

My beloved mother, today is your birthday and I have so much to tell you, for what I have prepared this very special note.

To begin I want to say I’m very happy you’re my mom; I’ve always enjoyed your support, your advice and especially your love. In my happiest memories you are always with you because you’ve always looked for my welfare.

Life is better when you’re next to me and I thank you for making me who I am today, thanks for leading me in paths of good and teach everything you need to be happy.

I carry you in my heart and I will continue doing it forever, your memory always fills me with joy and gives me peace of mind, so in the day of your birthday is my desire that passes very happy and may God bless you with health and many more years of life to continue to enjoy your company.

Congratulations on your birthday!

Happy birthday mom funny

If it’s your birthday, then you better dress for the occasion. Wear your birthday suit. Just kidding, your suit is probably too wrinkled.

 Isn’t it funny how you end your life like the way you came out? You’re wrinkled, cold, and weak. Here’s to many more birthdays!

Since your mother worked extremely hard on your birthday to birth you, shouldn’t she be the one getting the presents, cake, and party?

According to the government, your birthday is a very important day. It’s the day you become a citizen. Happy Birthday Mom.

Do you know what famous person was born on this very special day, I don’t know either. I only know of you. Happy Birthday Mother.

Birthday wishes for mother

Every morning when I wake up, I always thank you. Your perfect supervision, your heart, your love and your warmth have given me a lot. You are the one who loves me unconditionally. You are always my lovely mom, wishing you a happy birthday.

Today is the day when I promise not to cause any of the trouble that I caused the rest of the year. Enjoy a peaceful birthday since you never know what I might do tomorrow. Just kidding. You’re amazing! I’ll be good, I promise.

Birthdays are like chocolate. It’s best not to keep count of how many you have, and just enjoy them instead. Happy birthday to the sweetest mother I know.

As U wake up this morning, I hope you enjoy the crisp fresh air full of bright sunshine and relish the sound of chirping birds. May every morning of this new year be as bright and special as the joy you bring to my life. Happy birthday, Mom!

Mom, on your birthday I want to say again how much I appreciate all that you do and have done for me. Thanks. Happy Birthday.

There are a lot of cards for the world’s best Mom, but there is only ONE best Mom in the world. That’s you, and you are getting an email! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Let’s spend more time together this year because I like having you near me.

I hope that your birthday is full of happiness and chocolate. What is one without the other? Happy Birthday.

There is no other person who can take the place of yours in my heart. I feel so lucky that I’ve found the best mom in the world.

U are a super mom because only you can do everything you do and still look great every day! To a lady who just keeps getting younger!

Mother, you are my angel darling. And, you are the strength that always helps me to fight against all the odds. Birthday wishes to my mummy.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Every bday memory I have includes you lighting the candles on my cake. Thank you for all that you have done, and today is my opportunity to return the favor.

Birthdays are like chocolate. It’s best not to keep count of how many you have. You should just enjoy them. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday quotes for dad 60+ Happy Birthday Dad Messages & Quotes

Every mother is special, but trust me there is no other one who can be compared to you. I want to thank you and wish you all the best on this special day.

Missing you my lovely mother. Today is truly filled with memories of tears and happiness of all the birthday celebrations that we have shared all throughout the years, happy birthday in heaven my sweet mom!

Today is someone’s special birthday. This person is my guiding start, my friend, a philosopher, and my guide—it’s you, dearest Mom. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

A diamond is rare—but you are rarer. A goddess is fair—but you are fairer. An angel is pure—but you are purer. Most importantly, you are my mother, and I love you very much. Wishing you a grand birthday.

Mom, all your life, your prayers have always been for our happiness. Today, my prayer is for you. Happy birthday.

Whatever I am today, I owe it to you. You are the most special person in my life. Thank you Mom. Happy Birthday to you!

U are an everlasting bloom in a wonderful garden where only love and beauty grows! Happy Birthday, dearest Mother!

Best happy birthday messages for mom

Every mom is special, but trust me there is no other mom who can be compared to your qualities and abilities. On this special day, I want to thank you and wish a happy birthday.

Mama, I want to thank you for keeping the belief in my ability. When everyone else had given up, you were the only person to guide me all the way. Have a terrific birthday.

U are the most special person in my life. I love you from the deepest core of my heart. Have a gorgeous, happy birthday.

Dear Mom, You are the sweetest mom in the world

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom as the birthdays are coming, U are becoming younger

Sweet birthday Mom.

Mom I so lucky to have a mother like U. You are my best friend

Happy birthday sweet and kind mom.

Mommy, your death has caged me in deep pain, misery & agony. But I don’t bother about my suffering, at least it has set you free in heaven. I miss you.

God doesn’t make angels like you anymore. May you celebrate your birthday with happiness and inner peace. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday quotes for mom 110+ Latest & Famous Birthday Quotes For Mom

Mom, on your birthday I want to say again how much I appreciate all that you do and have done for me. Thanks. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to my mom… the woman who sacrificed many precious moments in her life, so that I could have them in mine.

I’m so grateful for your love and care throughout the years. Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Mother!

Thanks for always taking care of me. Take care of yourself today! Happy bday mom.

Thank U for giving me all your love all these years. I return your love. Happy birthday mother.

I am so lucky to have U. Greetings on this special day. Happy Birthday to my Mom.

For U my every day feels like a special day. So, I want to make your this birthday with all gorgeous gifts I could ever bring you. It is absolutely your day and I wish you’ll enjoy a lot. Happy birthday.

My hearts store is filled with your blessings. There is no such gift that can be enough as a gift on your birthday. Happy birthday, mama.

My hearts store is filled with your blessings. There is no such gift that can be enough as a gift on your birthday. Happy birthday, mama.

Dear mom, it’s great honor to be by your side when you are having one of the most important moments of your life. Happy 40th birthday mom.

Hurray, mom is 40 already, I wish you the whole goodies of life that comes with 40, have an amazing 40th birthday. I love you mom.

Happy birthday quotes for mom 80+ Happy Birthday For Her Message & Quotes

Mom, you look younger than most of my friend and I find it hard to believe you’re already 40, keep looking radiant like a sun. Happy 40th birthday mom. Have a blast.

Mom, you’re my joy, my source of happiness. I find true love in you and I’m so proud to have you as my mother. Happy 40th birthday mom. Love you always.

I just want to be a good mother to my kids as you’re to me, you’ve been my source of wisdom and I want to grow up to be like you. Happy 40th birthday mom.

Happy birthday mother, you gave me more than I can ever ask for, keep rocking at 40. Love you lots.

Dear mom, if you need someone to remind you of how amazing you are. Kindly give me call if I’m not there. Happy 40th birthday mom.

So friends what is your thoughts about these birthday messages for mom? please let us know your thoughts below in comment section.


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