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40+ Good Night Wishes to Friend

Good Night Wishes to Friend 

Hello all of you in the complete darkness talking to the stars, flattering with the moon,talking to the complete silence ,waiting for good sleep,hoping for sweet dreams,wishing you a happy goodnight. Remember a good sleep of 6 to 7 hours is necessary for good health and sound mind, Good night wish.

Think of good moments of this day
And keep a smile for tomorrow!
Good night and sleep tight!

Dream about the wind, which carries the beautiful memories…
Dream about love that you fall into…
Dream about the river full of pure joy and everything that you cherish…

Winter has brought quietness. The frogs, hedgehogs and badgers fell asleep, and the bear is sleeping tightly too. Close your eyes and peaceful dreams will come to you.

Tonight I will be your angel,
I will calm you down, if you are sad,
I will cover you with blanket, if you are cold,
I will lie down near you, if you want to,
And I will invite you to a beautiful dream.

A little sweet dream lives on a cloud,
He sleeps at daytime and travels at night,
Tonight he promised to visit you and send my words “Good night, sleep well”.

Wishing you good night and sweet dreams. Take a rest. See you tomorrow!

So many stars are shining in the sky,
May one of them bring you the most wonderful dreams.
Good night!

Dream about the wind, carrying the dreams,
Dream about love that you found,
Dream about the river of pure joy,
Dream about everything you cherish.
Good night!

When the sounds become silent,
When the sun goes down and the moon rises,
The magical dreams come to you,
Along with a “good night” message from me.

Close your beautiful eyes, relax and don’t think about anything.
Do you feel something? Someone gently touches your lips..
Do not be afraid… It’s me, kissing you and wishing “Good night”.

At this late evening I want to wish you a good night and recover your strength. Sweet dreams!

In this silent night you are not alone. Feel my hand holding yours, even if we’re miles apart. Our friendship is stronger than any distance, and I want you to remember that I will always be with you no matter what. Good night, sleep tight!

The Moon and the Stars only appear in the night, but our friendship is with us all day long. May this night comfort you with its soft shine, may your dreams be sweet and beautiful. Good night, my dear friend!

The night is long and dark, but it means nothing as long as our friendship shines through this endless darkness. My love for you is everlasting, may it comfort you as the Sun goes down. Sweet dreams, dear friend, and good night.

Just as the Moon lights up the night sky, you light up my world like nobody else. Being your friend is the biggest blessing I could ever receive from God. Stay strong. Good night, sleep tight, fella.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and calm down. You have a whole night to sleep. Enjoy it!

Let the melancholy of the darkest hour turn into beautiful harmony. Sometimes people need to be alone, think about their life goals and future. I know you are capable of anything. I believe in you. Now take a rest, have a good night.

When I think about our friendship I smile from ear to ear, because you are the sours of all of my happiest memories. God bless the day we met each other. May your body and soul rest in harmony. Good night, dear friend!

You have to use your phone a little bit less, fella. So, after reading this text, you are to put away your mobile and close your eyes. Let your body and soul rest in peaceful silence. Sleep tight, good night, darling!

You are never alone in the night. You always have demons under your bed and ghosts looking at your window. Do you feel better now? I bet you do, mate. Sleep tight, have the sweetest dreams!

Come quietly to the window and choose the most beautiful star,
Smile to her, because it says “Night night”.

Brushing your teeth before sleep is a ritual, just as important as texting each other as the Sun goes down. Wishing you to sleep in peace and have the best dreams possible. Good night, my sweetest friend!

If you ever feel lonely in the night, you can always call me: I am ready to disturb you any time any day of the week! Love you endlessly. May this night bring you the sweetest dreams. Good night, mate!

When we are together we can’t stop laughing at things no one else finds funny. I think that it’s the most important thing in friendship. We are definitely connected in a very special way. May this night bring you peace. Sleep tight!

I hope you’re enjoying this magical night as much as I enjoy every day I spend with you. You are my best friend, and having someone like you in my life is such a dream come true. Thank you for everything. Sleep tight, good night!






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