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77 Happy Birthday Auntie Quotes & Messages

Auntie or aunty is basically the informal word of an aunt. These 2 words are derived from an aunt. Today we are here to discuss aunties, you’ll who is the auntie, to whom we can call auntie, what is the importance of her in once life, the importance of happy birthday auntie and more.

So let’s start. Auntie is basically the sisters of our mother or father. More generally we call that ladies as auntie. But traditional it is observed that people call aunties to those women who have a lite relationship with our family. Or those women who visit our home eventually. This word is used as respect also.  Those ladies who’re age are over 35 or 40 people called them auntie in the sense of respect.

There are many types of aunties some are more friendly and most of the kids love that auntie when she comes home with some sweets. If you love your auntie and she is very close to you. Then on happy birthday auntie day, you should also do something special for her. Favorite auntie birthdays are more special. You have a lot of opportunities to enjoy on that day. Here is some task you can do on auntie birthday.

Happy birthday, auntie quotes:

Choose some good birthday wishes and send those wishes to your auntie through email or do a message on mobile phone. If your auntie is too far from your city or hometown then you can send her a beautiful birthday card through post. Make a beautiful birthday card for her and post it 1 week before the birthday. So it will reach on birthday. This will make the happy birthday auntie more special.

Arrange party and gifts:

If your auntie is near to your home, then go to her home and arrange a beautiful party for her. Decorate all the home with candle and lights. Write some happy birthday auntie wishes on a poster and past it on a wall. Order a birthday cake with her name, in that way she feels more special. And finally don’t forget to give happy birthday auntie gift for her, after all, she is the most beautiful and friendly aunty of yours.

happy birthday auntie message

“You are just like a delicious bubbly, sweet and refreshing person. Happy birthday to you.“

“Aunt, thank you for making me feel special and loved. You are amazing. Happy birthday!“

“You are just like a glass of champagne…deliciously bubbly, sweet and refreshing. Happy birthday! “

“Aunt is another year older today. Hmm…soon we shall be reading bedtime stories to you, aunt. Happy birthday.“

“Sweet Auntie, receive warm wishes from the entire family with love and affection. Wishing you a colorful life ahead. Happy birthday!“

“You are such a kind, funny, smart, and seriously amazing aunt. Here’s hoping your birthday lives up to how awesome you are.“

“Happy birthday to my terribly wonderful aunt! I feel blessed to have you in my life. Stay amazing as always!“

“You are truly a fantastic aunt and I wish you all the happiness this world can bring. I love you, best birthday!“

“There is no such thing as generation gap in between us. This is because you are the coolest aunt anyone can have. Happy birthday to you!“

“Sweetest wishes and best blessings for you this year. You deserve everything great that comes your way, Aunt! Happy birthday!“

“I’m so lucky to have an Auntie like you to love me and love. Happy birthday!“

“Today is a great day indeed because we celebrate a legend in the person of our sweet aunt. We love you forever. Happy 40th birthday.“

“The clock is ticking, but you have proven that indeed age is just but a number. You look fantastic! And you are the coolest aunt ever! Happy birthday Auntie!“

“Aunts like you are precious and few. For that, I consider myself lucky for having you. Best Birthday!!!!“

“Dear Aunty, May this birthday bring special things into your life. Happy Birthday to you!!!“

“You’ve got this “best aunt” gig in the bag! Hope your day is as amazing as you are! Happy birthday, Aunt!“

“May this unique day of your present hours of bliss, love, ponder and whatever else you wish for! Cheerful birthday, Auntie!“

“May your birthday bring numerous wonderful things in your life. Happy birthday to my dear aunt.“

“I feel so lucky to have a wonderful, caring aunt like you in my life. Happy Birthday, aunt!!!“

“Happy birthday! I’d say you’ve been like a mom to me, but that would be a lie. You don’t nag, so you’re even better!“

“You are the only person that can embarrass my parents and not get in trouble for it. Keep it up! Happy birthday.“

“Dear Aunt, you are a standout amongst the most magnificent ladies that I have met in my life. Warm wishes for your extraordinary day!“

“I am having a rocking aunt! No one is like you. Happy birthday to you!“

“Happy birthday to the most fantastic of aunts out there! Keep your spirits high and a smile on your face! I love you!“

“You deserve a birthday made for a queen, a regal affair filled with the best of everything. Happy birthday!“

“A great woman was born exactly 50 years ago, and I’m so privileged to be referred to as the niece/nephew of that great woman. Happy birthday, dear aunt.“

“Today as you celebrate your birthday I wish you all the good things in life and say that you are such a wonder to me. Happy birthday, Aunt.“

“Another year where you are getting stronger, wiser, and even more beautiful. I didn’t know you could get any better!“

“Aunt, I hope that your birthday is as great as you are. Happy Birthday, Aunt!!!“

“I feel so fortunate to have such a jovial, supporting and motivating auntie like you! Have an awesome day!“

“You are the best aunt in the world and I am lucky to have you in my life.

Happy birthday auntie poem

With Love Aunt

You just couldn’t be more
caring and giving –
It’s people like you, who put
the happiness in living.

And, there are no words
that could possibly say –
How much you are thought of
on your special day.

Happy Birthday Auntie

With Love On Your
Special Day Auntie

Having the kind of Auntie
who’s a special friend as well –
Someone to rely on means
more, than words can tell.

That’s why there’s, so much love
in the special wish, this brings –
For a birthday and a year ahead
filled with, all your favorite things.

Happy Birthday To
The Best Aunty Ever!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Aunty

Here’s hoping that your birthday
will bring happiness today –
And may it bring, the kind of things
you’d like, to come your way.

Because, if your day is happy
and special through and through –
Then you’ll know, the wishes
made for you, come true.

Auntie, you are wonderful
you’re loved so much each day –
And you deserve the best in life
to always come your way.

Happy Birthday To A Special Aunt

You’re always there to listen
and you always understand –
You know how to make things better
with just one squeeze of the hand.

Auntie you’re so wonderful
you’re as special as can be –
And you should have a birthday
that suits you perfectly.

To A Special Aunt

It’s nice having an Aunt like you
you’re special, in every way –
That’s why you’re sent these wishes
for a wonderful day.

This really is the perfect time
to say, how great you are –
And to hope, the days ahead
will be, your nicest ones by far.

To My Sweet Aunt

Special birthday wishes
to someone lovely, as you –
To have a day, you will enjoy
no matter what you do.

And I hope, that when it’s over
you will always find –
Your days will all be special
the full and happy kind.

Happy Birthday Auntie

You’re kind and understanding
and you have a special way –
Just to sit and have a chat
can really make my day.

So, remember that you’re loved so much
just for being you –
You deserve a day, that’s wonderful
and happy through and through.

Just wanted you to know, dear Aunty
that each and every day –
Warm thoughts and sincere wishes
are being sent your way.

Happy Birthday To
An Amazing Auntie

Long birthday message for aunt

Happy Birthday To
A Very Special Auntie

A birthday is a special day
it’s a day, that’s about you –
So fill it with, the happiest things
and everything, you like to do.

For A Dear Sweet Aunty

Aunt, you are, love much more
than any words can say –
No matter what the time of year
no matter what the day.

And on your birthday and every day
one thing is always true –
It’s knowing that, in all the world
there’s no-one quite like you.

Happy Birthday To
Auntie With Love

Auntie, you mean so very much
and this comes to tell you so –
The things you do are appreciated
far more than you could know.

You are an inspiration
it’s so good to know you’re there –
With a thoughtful word or gesture
you show how much you care.

With Love Auntie
On Your Birthday

When it comes to special Aunties
no-one comes close to you –
That’s why this birthday message
brings, love and thanks for all you do.

Birthday Wishes
For A Special Auntie

You’re an Auntie who is special
for all the things you say and do –
You bring so much happiness
each day, the whole year through.

You have been and will always be
an Auntie so dear and true –
This comes with lots of love to say
dearest Auntie, I love you.

Happy birthday wishes

Dear aunt, the word “generation gap” doesn’t have a meaning for us. You have always been a constant companion and are ready to share in my joys. Thank you for always being my partner in crime. Happy birthday.

Aunty, the whole family wishes you a happy birthday and a colorful life ahead. Make sure you have as much fun as possible. We love you.

On numerous occasions, you have always been the one to save the day. Thank you for being comforting, awe-inspiring, and a confidant. Happy birthday dear aunt, more blessings for you this year.

Today we celebrate the life of a very wonderful person. Have fun and give us more of your love. Happy birthday aunt.

You’re the coolest aunt I know. You make all of us feel younger in a second. With you, the generation gap is non-existent. You make our lives bubble. Happy birthday dear aunt.

Dear aunt, on this day I just want you to know how special you are to me. I wouldn’t be this great today without the wonderful advice and mentorship you have provided over the years. I want the very best for you. Happy birthday.

The clock is ticking, the years go by, but you still look as beautiful as you did twenty years ago. Happy birthday dear aunt.

Happy birthday aunt. You brighten every room you enter with the light from the depths of your heart. I am so lucky to have you as my aunt. Happy birthday.

My cups runneth over. My heart overflows with joy. I want to appreciate you for all the love you have bestowed on me throughout the years. Happy birthday.

There are aunties, and there are aunties who show us immeasurable love, care and affection. You fall squarely into the second category and have always been a source of joy and inspiration to my life. Happy birthday.

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