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happy birthday girlfriend

80 Happy Birthday Girlfriend Messages & Quotes

What to do on girlfriend birthday?

You need to give time to your girlfriend, especially on particular locations, like on her birthday, arrange a happy birthday girlfriend party, order special cake for her, give some special gift for her, writing a happy birthday girlfriend quotes on the gift will add some more value. After celebrating a party, arrange a small tripe for her to take more advantages of this special day.

In this digital era, almost every boy has a girlfriend, being a girlfriend she expects a lot from her boyfriend. She always spent the time to her boyfriend, take participation in his happiness and sorrow. If your girlfriend is sincere with you, then the relationship will be more pleasant. In fact, in every relationship, sincerity is a must. The second most important thing is trust. If you trust each other, no one can break your relationship.

Importance of girlfriend birthday

If you are too far from your girlfriend on her birthday then no need to worry about that, the social media and Google will work for you, find some happy birthday girlfriend images and happy birthday girlfriend messages from Google and send to her through social media websites. You can also make a special call on Skype to say happy birthday to your girlfriend.

If you have more than 2 girlfriends then it could be more difficult to remember the happy birthday of girlfriends. The best solution to remember your girlfriends birthday is to keep write a note in a calendar and set an alarm on that day, the best time to send a happy birthday girlfriend quotes is at 12.00 am. So set the alarm timing near to that time, otherwise, you will be fall in trouble 😉

If you facing difficulty in finding happy birthday girlfriend messages or you want to send a birthday letter for a girlfriend, i am listing some awesome birthday wishes for girlfriend below. Read all the happy birthday quotes and select the one you like most.

Romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend

We may be both imperfect but we are the perfect pair. You know all of me and I know all of you. We love each other too and that’s what it makes us more than perfect. Best birthday, honey.

Even if it hurts my pride, as long as you are happy, nothing matters. I love you. Happy birthday, love.

Obviously, the world doesn’t know about your smile. Otherwise, your picture would have replaced Mona Lisa’s place in the Louvre. Wonderful bday, honey.

I never believed that I’m even a bit attractive, until a stunning princess like you fell in love with me. Happy birthday, honey.

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Best bday to my gorgeous angel, my dream come true princess, my complaint buddy, my best friend, my fashion stylist and my nurse. I love you.

This world has been too kind to me by sending you in my life. To show my appreciation for such a blessing, I promise to only love you more each day. Best bday.

happy birthday girlfriend qutoes

All I want in life is right in front of me. I want to be selfish and ask you to stay with me every waking moment of my life. Happy birthday, honey.

You are made of the sweetest, hottest and most beautiful things in this world. You are just perfect for me, honey. Best birthday to you.

Your birthday will be filled with love and happiness because you are a ray of sunshine everywhere you go! I’m a so blessed to have you as my rising and setting sun. I love you! Wonderful birthday, darling.

Your arms are my home and your lips are my sweet bliss. I have found comfort and peace in your every ways. Thank you for loving all of me, honey. Happy bday.

Before you were mine, hearing your voice over the phone is enough to drive me insane. Now that I do get to hear and see you almost every day, it’s like living a dream! I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

Happy B’day beautiful, you are getting better with each year like an old wine. I love you.


happy birthday girlfriend

Your birthday is mine to make special and I promise to do it. Happy birthday my love, keep smiling.

HBD, my girlfriend, I might not be a good boyfriend but I promise to be a good husband.

I would love to hug you right now and wish you a very happy birthday but somehow I can’t and I am sending you all my love for this message. HBD to the love of my life.

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HBD to a lady who inspires me to be a good person and who’s efforts encourage me.

To my dear love, you have been the best girlfriend ever and i feel priviledged to give my heart to you. Happy birthday dear.

To the most caring girlfriend, your birthday means a lot to me and we will celebrate it with a lot of fun. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, love, I promise to make your birthday special.

happy birthday girlfriend

If only I could move mountains you would know how much I can do for you. Happy birthday darling.

Your birthday reminds me every year how lucky i have been to have you in my life. Happy birthday sweetheart.

Happy birthday to the girl who made me fall in love head over heels for her. Its your day today.

I have always loved you and i shall love you forever and your birthday is the most special occasion ever. Happy birthday, dear.

No matter how far you are, i always feel you around because of your love and warmth. Happy birthday, tonight lets make it big.

You shall never be alone because you always have my back. Happy birthday to the girlfriend of the year and my support system.

Your love made me who i am today and it shall remain with me throughout my life. Happy birthday love.

I can never stop falling in love with you and i will continue making your birthdays better. Happy birthday.

I fall in love every day with you in new ways and i lost count now. Happy birthday gorgeous.

I fell for your big heart and knew that your looks are just bonus points and today i feel blessed to celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday.

Happiest birthday to the person whose crazy matches my crazy. I love you.

Lets never stop doing the weird things together. Happy birthday, partner.

Today i shall not stop singing the birthday song because of its my love’s birthday. Happy birthday.

Your smile can light up my day in a moment and i want to smile forever with you. Happy birthday dear love.

You will remain my favorite person always and i want to spend all your birthdays together. Happy birthday.

happy birthday girlfriend funny

This year [we rode rollercoasters, fed ducks, played tennis (well…tried to play tennis), ran a 5k and binge-watched Stranger Things]. Everything is more fun with you.

It wasn’t always easy…but you always made it worth it. You deserve the happiest birthday ever.

You’ve made my life better than I ever thought it could be. Thank you for being who you are and for being the most amazing girlfriend ever.

The day you were born was the luckiest day of my life. Happy Birthday

Looking forward to every walk, every talk, every ballgame, movie and impromptu dance party in the year ahead.

romantic birthday messages for girlfriend

My wish is for your birthday…my love is for always.

Here’s to another happy year around the sun—I can’t wait to share what’s ahead with you.

I only thought about you twice yesterday. All day, and all night.

I should send a thank you note to your mom for having such an awesome daughter.

Even though it’s your birthday, I get the gift…a whole evening with you!

I hope your day is as special to you as you are to me.

My soul mate, more than my friend, my partner i’m nothing without you. On the special occasion of your birthday i want to remind you all the reasons why i love you. Happy Birthday dear!

I have been counting down the days to your birthday for the last 365 days! And finally it has arrived in all its glory and beauty. I hope that my queen is feeling on top of the world today. Happy birthday to my lady love.

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When I was little, I didn’t understand the power of true love. Now with age and you, I am more aware than ever. True love means unconditional understanding and confidence. On this your birthday, I want to thank you for teaching me how great love can be. Happy birthday to the perfect woman!

Babe, not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that someday I would end up with an angel like you. You are really a blessing to me. You fill my heart and soul with so much happiness that I find it hard to believe I’m on Earth and not in Heaven. Happy birthday, my dear.

Close your eyes and imagine that we’re sitting in a beautiful vineyard, having a glass of a full-bodied red and star gazing in each other’s eyes. Though I can’t actually afford to give you this birthday treat right now, I at least want you to share in my dreams. But I promise we will be doing this soon. Happy birthday, doll.

Happy birthday my little teddy bear, I will hug you tonight like never before, I will kiss you like never before, and I will cuddle my little bear like never before. Just to see that cute smile on your face. I wish to keep that smile on your face all your life. Love you so much… Your big teddy bear… kisses…

You have proved that there are pretty girls who have a beautiful heart. I promise to make this day as special as you are to me, my love. As for now, Happy birthday darling!

Your birthday makes me remember why we’re meant to be together. It reminds me of all the beautiful moments I’ve spent with you. It is like a good omen, whispering to me about the good times to come. Happy birthday, my lady luck.

You are the breeze of fresh air, my little sunshine. You are so amazing and I am so happy you are mine! Happy birthday to my love!

happy birthday girlfriend new

Your birthday will be filled with love and happiness because you are a ray of sunshine everywhere you go! I’m a so blessed to have you as my rising and setting sun. I love you! Wonderful birthday darling.

Your eyes are like a thousand lamps that light up my life. Your lips are like a thousand rosebuds that fill the world with their beauty, and your hands are like a thousand talismans that protect me. Thanks for being there for me, sweetheart. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel about you but then I’d have to write a novel and that can be hard to read on your phone. So let me just say that I feel like every day is my birthday because I get to spend it with you.

When a challenge comes on my way, I tend to fall in it. Instead I remember your half smile and I press on with it. And to my surprise I subdue it. You smile embers love deep down in my heart. Happy birthday to love of my life!

So friend what is your review about these happy birthday girlfriend quotes? please do let us know in the comment section. thanks


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