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80+ Love Messages For Him

Importance of love messages

The relationship between husband and wife is the blessing of God. So both should try their best to keep this relationship as strong as possible, the wife should care of her husband on the mater of meal, love, and care. Every husband needs care. Every husband needs time from her wife. If she takes care of him, then he will not go to the wrong side. Always send love messages to him, while he is in the office or outside fro. The home. Love messages for him play a very important role in the relationship. Basically, I would say that strong communication makes a strong relationship. If the communication between husband and wife is strong than the relationship can also be strong.

God love his all creation

God love his all creation, on seeing all blessing of God around us, I believe that all these things belong to love. By seeing these things we can feel that how much God love his creation. Your eyes, your hands, your nose, even your breath, each and everything within you is a blessing of God. The air, the mountains, rains, trees, vehicles, water you can observe a single particle, all these things totally belongs from love.

Love messages are important in every relationship. For example, if you fall in love with a boy then he always expects love messages for him from your side. The love messages for him let him know that you always remember him and take care of him.

Girls are more excited to send love messages to him, they mostly use social media as a main source of communication. Whatsapp, Facebook, inst and Skype are the most common platform. The valentine day is a fun day for most of the lovers. They enjoy a lot on valentine day. They wait for this day for 1 year.

I know nothing about tomorrow, but one thing is sure and that’s the fact that I’ll love you till and beyond tomorrow.

I am a mess, but with the way you love me, I feel on top of the world. Be ‘messyful’ unto me. Lol.

You love me. There’s nothing to do, nothing to lose and nothing to prove beyond that. Kisses!

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In valleys, on lands, on mountains? Everywhere is the same to me. Only you make the difference I desire. I love you.

I will cling unto your heart till the day my lungs will run short of air. Your love is breathtaking.

The best days in my life are the days I spend with you. I wish every day is like that because I want you always!

long love messages for him

I got some rhythmical lyrics from a song. It says: You are love undefined and I love love because I love you. You alone. Mwah!

I can’t just deny that you bring peace to my storms and you bring joy to my sadness. You’ve rescued my heart!

The day I saw you, I fell in love. Every day I see you, I still fall in love. You are the one for me, my king.

If I could reach the bottom of your heart, I’ll never come out, because I know that my love is right there.

You are all I need. Any other thing is vanity upon vanity. I love you beyond words, my numero uno.

Every second we spend apart is missed by me. Every second we spend together is cherished by me. Let’s be together forever, please!

A day without you is a day of torment, of wishes, of hell. I just wish you’ll be with me forever. I wish it starts now, my love.

You are a curve and I am the other. We’re joined together to form love. Boundless love.

The world doesn’t exist when I’m with you. It’s just me and you against a nonexisting planet.

For I so love you, that I give myself to you. If you love me, we’ll be together, eternally.

Because I am for you and you are for me, we are best together.

I am blind to all your falls, faults and flaws because I’m in love with you and you alone.

The excitement I have loving you makes me feel like a kid again. And I don’t want to grow, please.

Since loving you brings only peace and no pains, you’ll be my all in all until the day after forever!

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Since loving you brings only profits and no losses, you’ll be my lifetime business. I cherish you!

I am forever lost without you. If you get missing, I can’t be found either. I heart you.

love text messages for him

As wide as the oceans, so is my love for you, boundless until there’s nothing called the world.

As green as the palm trees, I want our love to flourish, today, forever and the day after forever.

I am a pocket that’s empty without you in it. So fill me with a pinch of your love and I’ll want no more!

If you were the rain, I’ll never use an umbrella. If you were the sun, I’ll hate every shade. I just want you!

Be assured. I am the chief of those who will never leave your life. I’ll be here, forever.

The least period of time that I spend thinking about you is half the day. You are always on my mind.

Your face reminds me of how beautiful God is since He created you in His own image.

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Our love will always find a way, so know and know that you won’t lose me forever.

You are here, in my heart. You’ve come to stay and I’m proud of that. Forever.

This text is a reminder that I lose appetite when we don’t communicate. Come feed me.

Deep love messages for him

No one taught me to love you. I love you from my heart because that’s where you’ve always been.

Like a knife, your love pierces through my heart, reaching the very depths.

It’s morning here and the first thing I wish to see today is your beautiful face.

You’ll never leave me alone like Kevin in Home Alone. You’ll always be with me, baby.

I lose control of myself only when you are around me. What kind of love is this?

If the world is against you, I’ll readily fight against it. Get me some costumes.

You make me a better person every single day of my life. Without you, I’ll be as worse as hell.

They say women are the weaker sex, but with you as my strength, I have the strength of men.

Me, you and no other, is a perfect equation. Let’s keep it that way forever.

I can do every other thing apart from not loving you. Loving you is my destiny.

You have given me your all. Know that it’s safe here with me.

Let them call me stupid, baby, I’m drunk in love with you until there’s nothing called love!

I’m in love with you, stupidly? foolishly? blindly? As long as it’s you, I don’t care.

Let me be a criminal loving you than a saint not loving you. Loving you is my heritage.

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I am your hands, your feet, your body. Let’s use each other as we please.

Economic recession did not affect the bountiful measure of our love. I knew it.

You are the best; I can’t get enough of you.

You are so funny, you make me laugh.

My life is empty without you;

Romantic love messages for him

Thank you for all you have done for me. I will travel a thousand miles to be with you.

Life has totally changed since you came into my life; it has never been this better.

I am crazy about you and addicted to your love.

I need you in my life. You make me feel so special, so good and can’t have enough of your hugs and kisses.

My love for you knows no bounds! From the bottom of my heart,

Falling in love with you is the best journey I have ever embarked on. I will keep falling for you.

Honey, you’ve given my life meanings in diverse ways. The love I have for you is no joke!

If there’s anything that scares me the most, it’s the fear of losing you.

God knows I love you very much. You’ve brought into my life, joy and unending happiness.

Morning, Afternoon, Night, and every day, there’s no one to fall in love with, but YOU!

I’ll let the whole world know how much I love you. You’re not just my boyfriend, but my best friend!

Each time I see you, I see the love that’s never gonna end.

You’re my shining star! When I see you, my heart is filled with joy… If I hadn’t met you, I would’ve fallen in love with the wrong person.

I appreciate you, for being you. You do not only love me, but you care for me. I love you, and you know it.

I’m so glued to you. I promise you, nothing’s gonna separate us!

In whatever I do, your love is all I see. Thanks for proving to me, what true love is.

God will never stop blessing you for me. ‘Cos you keep blessing me when I least expect.

You’re my essence! Without you, there’d surely be no me. I love you, darling.

Since I met you, my life experienced a positive turnaround. You’re my dream come true!

Spending my lifetime with you is a dream that I’ve always had! And I’m sure, if God tarries, we’d be together forever! I love you so much.

You’re my teacher, my mentor, my lover, my confidant, my dream come true… I can go on and on. Above all these, you’re my angel!

Loving you until the very end is my promise. And I’m never gonna change that! Love you, always.

Fate has its ways of doing things. I’m sure it didn’t bring us together by accident. We’ve been destined to be together, and nothing is ever going to change it. From the depth of my heart,

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