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Imam ghazali Quotes

Hazrat Luqman, Imam Ghazali And Arastoo Quotes In Urdu and Hindi

Hazrat Luqman Quotes In Urdu

Luqman was a wise man for whom Surah Luqman, the thirty-first sura of the Qur’an, was named. Luqman is believed to be from Africa. There are many stories about Luqman in Persian, Arabic and Turkish literature and the primary historical sources are the Tafsir ibn Kathir and Stories of the Qur’an by Ibn Kathir. The Qur’an does not state whether or not Luqman was a prophet, but some people believe him to be a prophet and thus write Alayhis Salaam (A.S.) with his name. The Bahá’í holy writings also make reference to Luqman.

Imam Al-Ghazali Quotes In Urdu

Al-Ghazali full name Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī latinized Algazelus or Algazel, c. 1058 – 19 December 1111) was one of the most prominent and influential philosophers, theologians, jurists, and mystics of Sunni Islam of Persian origin.
Al-Ghazali was a Sufi, and is credited with having initiated a rapprochement between Islamic orthodoxy and Sufi tradition. His religious apologetic work Tahāfut al-Falāsifa (“Incoherence of the Philosophers”) is a significant landmark in the history of philosophy as it advances the nominalist critique of Aristotelian science developed later in 14th century Europe. Within Islamic myth he is considered to be a Mujaddid or renewer of the faith, who, according to the prophetic hadith, appears once every century to restore the faith of the ummah (“the Islamic Community”).His works were so highly acclaimed by his contemporaries that al-Ghazali was awarded the honorific title “Proof of Islam”

imam ghazali quotes

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