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Javed Chaudhry Column | Hazrat Awais Al Qarni Kay Maqam Par | 07.10.2018

Uwais al-Qarni or “Oveys Gharani” (Arabic: أويس القرني) (died 657 A.D.) was a Muslim resident of Qaran in Yemen who lived during the lifetime of Muhammad. His grave is in Baykan, Siirt Turkey. Although his life was insignificant from a worldly point of view, he is renowned and honored among both Shia and Sunni Muslims, Sufis in particular, for his piety, practice of zuhd (asceticism), and love for Muhammad(PBUH).

Uwais embraced Islam during Muhammad’s lifetime but he could not present himself before Muhammad(PBUH) because he looked after his elderly, blind mother and thus remained deprived of the honour of companionship. It is said that he spent his hours in solitude, fasting, night vigil and salat (prayers). In honour of Muhammad(PBUH), who at the Battle of Uhud in 625, had lost two of his teeth, Uwais al-Qarni drew out his own teeth. Muhammad(PBUH) called him the best of the Tabieen (successors) and he advised his companions to, “Get him to pray for your forgiveness.”

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