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Girl Friend Boy Friend Relationship In Islam

Girl Friend Boy Friend Relationship I have something of extreme importance to talk to you about. I want to tell you some things about boy-girl relationships, sex, and marriage. I know these are very personal and delicate matters for discussion, but given how essential they are to your life, to ...

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10 Tips For Husbands To Make Their Wife Happy

Marriage is a sacred bond… Entered into by two people who are committed to their goal to fulfill the Sunnah and attain the pleasure of their creator. It is also a natural human impulse to want to share your life with someone special and create a family. When everything is ...

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The Parents That Are Not Serious With There Child’s Marriage

In Islam, marriage is a legal contract between two people. Both the groom and the bride are to consent to the marriage of their own free wills. A formal, binding contract is considered integral to a religiously valid Islamic marriage and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom and ...

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5 Ways to Live a Happier Life In Urdu And Hindi

Urdu Qutoes

It doesn’t matter your age, how much money you have in your bank account, your marital status or what you do for a living, we all want to be more successful in our lives. Of course, defining success is different for each us, but here are 5 proven ways that ...

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