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Shaitan ka zikar Quran ma

Shaitan become happy when man kind do these 19 deeds

The word, “Iblis”, has been used 11 times in the Quran—9 times in the story of the creation of Adam (a) and the order to prostrate for him. The word, “Shaytan” (Satan) and its plural form, “Shayatin”, are used 88 times in the Quran in many cases of which they refer to Iblis.

When he refused to prostrate for Adam (a), he was cursed by God and was dismissed from his position. He then asked God to let him stay alive until the Dooms Day, but God promised to give him a certain time. Iblis swore to try his best to mislead people—the children of Adam—as long as he has time. The only thing he does is to call people to the vice without forcing them to do so. He and his followers will eventually end up in the Hell.

It is true that Shaitan is an open enemy of a human being, these are 19 points, when any human do these 19 task, then Shaitan will be very happy, so please try to avoid from these deeds.

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